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As a copper clad laminate board based plate with Al, MCCL is the material used in metal PCB. Metal PCB is more excellent than a typical PCB on heat dissipation and is widely applied as the substrate for LED.

Key Feature

Source Technology

  • 01Aquired proprietary technology through a partnership with DenKa.
  • 02Patent and UL certification
  • 03Completed development of a universal thermal conductivity 2w/mk products.
  • 04High heat and high thermal conductivity to complete product development.

Production Facilities

  • 01Stabilize product processes and enhance production yields through the same specifications and equipment as DenKa.
  • 02By adopting a continuous process, reduce production lead time.
  • 03Assured manufacturing quality of insulator based on Paste technology and knowhow.

Customer Response

  • 01 Technical support by DenKa engineer.
  • 02Ensuring optimal product quality through implementation testing and properties evaluation in conjunction with MPCB manufacturing customers and end customers.
  • 03Respond quickly to diverse customer requirements by an organic facility management system.

Test Equipment

Respond to customer needs utilizing a variety of inspection and measurement equipment.


Lights and exterior lighting, LED TV/Monitor, Car Light, Power Supply

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