Why is Solar power system?

It's no secret energy bills in world are expected to climb higher and higher over the next few years.

Solar power system(Photovoltaic generation systems, PV) is a form of renewable energy that can be generated anywhere, even at home. Solar power systems convert sunlight directly to clean electricity using solar panels or solar cells mounted on your roof. They work any time the sun is shining. The electricity is used to provide power to homes, which reduces electricity bills and benefits the environment. Any electricity you don't use is fed back into the electricity grid. This effectively makes your electricity meter run backwards and saves you even more money.

Who is The WooLimWorld?

WooLimWorld Co., Ltd. is an qualified installer of solar power systems in the Korea with offices in the Saipan and Korea. The company began in 2008 and became one of the first in the Korea to receive accreditation as an installer. Our teams are experienced, highly trained and well qualified.

Our Experience

We design and install both grid connected and stand-alone systems for residential, commercial and non-profit organizations. Our recent projects with co-companies include the 1million green homes drives by Korean Government, along with private homes, office blocks, schools, churches, village halls and a lifeboat station.

The WooLimWorld Difference

WooLimWorld uses only advanced and proven manufacturing processes for each of its solar systems, meeting all international and Korean standards. Stringent quality control in our supply chain ensures the product installed on your roof is reliable, durable and of the highest quality ensuring you save money.

WooLimWorld provides a limited 2 year replacement warranty on your Solar Power System. If anything goes wrong we will fix replace ASAP. The performance of our Solar Panels has a warranty of 90% output for 10 years and a further 20 years at 80% capacity. Our Inverters also have 5 years manufacture warranty and an efficiency of 92% to 95%.

No one will care for your house like our house.

Thank you.


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