각종 화학공정에 사용되는 귀금속 함유 폐촉매 및 Scrap에서 귀금속을 회수, 정제하여 Recycle합니다.
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“Recycle based on Excellent Analysis and Recovery & Purification Technology"

It is Recycle System for securing the insufficaient precious metal resources, and pro-vides Total Service for precious metal recovery and purification based on the reilability and technical power.
With prominent Recovery & Purification technology and high-reliability analysis technology, It is possible to refine and recycle after recovring the eletrnics compo-nents scrap of petrochemical/car wasted catalyst such as mobile phone, and PDP as well as any scrap which including metal of Au, Ag, Pt, Rh, Pd and Ru

Brazing Materials : Merits

  • 01Wasted petrochemical catalyst
  • 02Agrichemicals , pharmaceuticals, fuel cell and other wasted chemical catalyst
  • 03Each kind of Precious Metal including electronics components Scrap Recycle


Wasted catalyst from Petrochemicals/chemical process (Petroleum/Process Catalyst)


In petrochemistry and chemical process, it is used various types of catalyst to get the required product in production process, and some of them contain precious metal of platinum or palladium. It must be regularly replaced for smooth production, and in that time wasted catalyst is generated.

EG Wasted Petrochemical catalyst(Petrochemicals EG Process Used Catalyst)


Pipe Pellet Type catalyst used in Ethylene Glycol (EG) reaction process, and it includes silver (Ag) replaced by 3~4 years.

Silver(Ag) Scrap in PDP Manufactruing Process (PDP Process Silver Scrap)


Silver Paste Scrap used in PDP electrode. It is generated a Silver Scrap of Scrap Etching solution and Filter which is from the remainders of product cases (packages) and electrode printing.

Other Precious Metal Scrap

It contains Precious Metal of Au, Ag, Pt, Pl, Rd, and Ru in mobile phone case, electri cal board, ornament, catalyst, and other electronics.



Recycle of various Precious Metal(Petroleum/Process Catalyst)

귀금속 재활용 그림


Precious Metal Recycle : Processing

Process Description
① Scrap Collect each kind of Precious Metal Scrap
② Pretreatment Slimming homogenization through smashing and heat treatment
③ Sampling Sampling for analysis to represent the whole Scrap
(Gather 3 times for the same sample: for two times analysis by both company and stocking)
④ Analysis/Estimation Analysis for the contents of precious metal, impurities, and moisture
⑤ Analysis Discussion Contracting the contract after confirming both analysis results
⑥Precious Metal Extract Precious Metal extract from Scarp by melting and chemical treatment
⑦ Precious Metal Recovery 1st recovery of precious metal with low purity from extracted Precious Metal solution
⑧ Purification Purification the 1st recovery of precious metal to be 99.99% or more purity by physical, chemical, and electrical methods.
⑨Precious Metal Resourcing Processing the refined Precious Metal to be the shape of Ingot, Granule, and Powder.

Precious Metal Recovery & Purification Flow

귀금속 회수, 정련 Flow 그림


Precious Metal Recovery & Purification Method

It is classified as below by its recovery pathway and feature that the Recycling method of Precious Metal, and we get highly purified precious metal by selecting the best proper method for the condition of the objects.

Classification Dry Recovery Metal Substitution Chemical Reduction Electrochemical
Purity of Recovered
Precious Metal
50~90% 95~98% 99.9% 99.99%
Purification Method Using organic
incineration and the
difference of melting
Metal substitution (Cu, Al and so
on) by the difference of
ionization tendency.
Reducing capacity of
Recovery by
standard reduction
Merit Suitable for the case of
being mixed with
organic materials.
Simple process
(incineration, melting).
Short recovery L/T
Less wastewater
Using capacity
of reduction
Very high purity
Demerit Difficult to remove the
High energy cost.
Low Ag purity.
Additional purification process is
Need environmental cost.
Impossible to recover
with high purity.
Generating wastewater
during washing
environmental cost.
Long purification
Requiring repetitive
purification for
specific impurity.

Electrochemical Purification

Electrochemical purification method is divided into two methods of ElectroPurification and Electrowinning method, and ElectroPurification is used in general.

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